by Ginger Shelby Be prepared to take a journey that will bend the space/time continuum with Interstellar. In this movie a group of explorers decide to use a newly discovered wormhole to go beyond the limits of human space travel. The earth and the ...

The Hunger Games

by Ginger The Hunger Games is perhaps the most awaited movie in a decade or more and this family movie guide has the scoop. This futuristic sci-fi flick tells the story of a few selected teens who must fight for their lives in order to allow ...

Underworld: Awakening

Please note: we only review family movies therefore R rated movies will contain only a summary review.

Jonah Hex

by Ginger Jonah Hex is one of a rash of movies lately about fallen heroes who must go on an action-packed adventure to save their reputation or their lives. Jonah Hex is a bounty hunter in the old west who has a warrant on his own head. In exchange ...

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