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ESRB Ratings

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) monitors and regulates all video and computer game content. It may surprise you to know that video games embraced an age rating system before television did, and that they did so without congressional mandate. In 1994 the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) was created.

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Early Childhood Rating

Everyone Rating

Everyone 10+ Rating

Teen Rating

Mature Rating

Adults Only Rating

Rating Pending

Game Ratings

Labels on all games will appear on both the front and the back of the game. Make sure to consult both sides to learn about every reason a game was rated as it was.

Knowing the rating of the shows, movies, and games your children are playing is a good start, but it’s not nearly enough. Spend time watching TV, going to movies, or even playing video games with your children. This will give you an opportunity to discuss the things your children are watching with them.

This involvement is the most important aspect of parenting, and ratings are just a means to help you with it.

Software ratings range from EC for early childhood games, to AO for adult only games. More importantly for parents, the ratings will tell you why the game is suggested for the age range that it is. Whether its violence, dialogue, adult themes, or suggestive language, the box says what the game entails, which allows you to make a better decision on whether it is appropriate for your child.

The front of the game will tell you what the game has been rated I.E. Everyone, Teen, Mature, etc.

While the back of the game will list what aspects of the game caused it to be rated as it was I.E. strong language, drug use, intense violence, strong sexual themes, etc. – See more at here

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