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Our favorite family hiking spots

Possibly the best place for a family to spend time together is in nature. Whether its camping, boating or even hiking it is great for families to enjoy the natural beauty of the earth together. There are many great places within the United States for your family to hike, rather you are traveling or ...

Prospecting Gold for Family Fun

The discovery of gold was important in the history of the United States. Early discovers came here to try to tap into the rich resources of the new land, of which one of the most sought after was gold. The California and Alaska gold rushes were essential to their establishment as new territories. ...

Family Ski Vacation Spots

Skiing and snowboarding are very popular pastimes worldwide. Here are some suggestions of great places internationally to shred that snow. Kitzbuhel, Austria. Enjoy the scenic beauty of a 700 year old Austrian village commonly called ‰Û÷The Pearl of the Alps.‰Ûª Skiing has flourished here since ...

Top Family Beaches

Only 21 of the 50 States in America touch either the Pacific or the Atlantic oceans. This may mean that you cant find a beach near your home, or even within your state. However, there are hundreds of beaches in the United States. While all offer the beauty of the ocean to tourists, some are not ...

Travel Budget Tips

The following five travel budget tips will help you save money while still enjoying your retreat in style. Rent a car seat. Child car seats can be expensive to fly with as airlines are now charging for every checked bag. Check with your rental car company to see if it might be cheaper to rent one ...

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