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TV parental controls exist so that parents can regulate what their children watch. Of course, such controls are also helpful for other guardians and institutions. For instance, schools and other areas with a family-friendly emphasis can also benefit from these features.

The different TV parental controls provide different functions. Some options may block out all undesirable programs or channels. Others may simply regulate when or how long the television can be used. In some situations it is also possible to simply filter out unwanted material within a movie, as opposed to blocking the entire film.

TV parental controls may be purchased in addition to your television. Some, like the V-chip, are built-in. The V-chip is a receiver which blocks content based on rating systems. Most televisions larger than 13 inches that were built since 1999 will include them. All those created after 2000 are required to have this technology.

What is a V-chip?

The V-chip is a television receiver which can block certain programs based on their rating categories. All U.S. televisions created after 1999 are required to have this technology. The term is generic and it applies to many different devices.

What was the Telecommunications Act of 1996?

This was the first overhaul of telecommunications law in the U.S. after about 62 years. It was signed into law on February 8 of 1996 by Bill Clinton. It addressed many different topics divided into seven different Titles. The fifth Title, Obscenity and Violence, outlines regulations related to such programming on cable television.

What is passive vocabulary?

These are words that a child can understand although her or she cannot yet utilize it. For instance, you can say, “Push the button” to a child about the television or radio and he or she will be able to understand the command long before being able to utter it.

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