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Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teens can be one of the greatest challenges parents will face. The role of the parent at these times is to improve and support the child’s self-esteem while allowing them to develop into independent critical thinkers with a set of values in place. Parents should give teenagers the ability ...

Super Mom Real or Fiction?

Look next-door‰ is it a top-earning executive? Is it a nanny? Is it a chauffeur? No, it‰'s Super Mom! Can anyone really be a Super Mom? Well, no, of course not. We are only human after all. It‰'s a delusion if you think you can juggle a full-time career, bake cookies from scratch for the local ...

Moms need a timeout too

The day starts out with cereal flying across the room, then the orange juice spills for the third time that day and the dog runs off with the diaper that was left in the trash. Some days are thoroughly exhausting. When daily stress builds up there are two choices: scream and run out of the house or ...

Parenting in a Digital World

Parenting in today‰Ûªs fast paced world can be quite a challenge. Sometimes it seems as though the world is full of hostile influences vying for the shot to get at your children. While a worldview of this order may seem slightly paranoid to anyone without a kid, the fact is that there really are a ...

Parenting in a Digital World: PHONE USE

Between traditional media, the internet, and cell phones; the challenges of parenting in the 21st century have become something more than those faced by our parents and grandparents. Every generation worries about unsavory influences affecting the next generation, but never has the next generation ...

Chasing Away The Boogeyman

It is a scene that every parent is familiar with, at 3:00 AM, you are suddenly awakened by a bleary-eyed child pleading to sleep in your bed. You have been down this road before and you know that no amount of rational argument will solve the problem, so you reluctantly raise the covers and try to ...

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