Moms need a timeout too

The day starts out with cereal flying across the room, then the orange juice spills for the third time that day and the dog runs off with the diaper that was left in the trash. Some days are thoroughly exhausting. When daily stress builds up there are two choices: scream and run out of the house or take a time out.

Whether a 30-second break, or a day off from mommy duty, every mother needs a breather, a time away from clamoring children and daily responsibilities. Below are some great ways to get that time out you are seeking.

Take five minutes in the bathroom – Take the telephone into the bathroom, close the door and call a friend for five minutes (assuming children are old enough for this). It‰Ûªs just a tiny bit of sanity and time for Mom to vent in a healthy way that can help rejuvenate her mind enough to head out into the fray to stop some squabbles and engage the children in a fun activity.

Crib time ‰ÛÒ give the baby 10 minutes in the crib. Make sure the baby is changed and safe then place the child in her crib, close the door and read a few pages in a book. A quick escape of the mind can be just what you need to restart your day.

Breathe Deeply ‰ÛÒ not only can this help calm yourself down, but it also models anger management for your child.

Sing out loud ‰ÛÒ Music helps soothe the spirit, and what better way to let loose then singing your favorite tunes on the top of your lungs ‰ÛÒ and if the song happens to be upbeat and/or inspirational, all the better for the whole crew.

Dance ‰ÛÒ similar to singing, dancing is a great way to release some stress and fill your mind with some happy tunes. Children also enjoy bouncing around to some upbeat tunes. The bonus, you get to burn some calories while releasing endorphins.

Head out for a walk ‰ÛÒ If you can‰Ûªt get out without the children, strap the child in a stroller or load them into a wagon and go around the block. The exercise not only benefits Mom, but for children that can walk and run along, it gives them an energy release too.

Schedule a play date ‰ÛÒ Time at a park with a friend and her child not only serves as playtime for Johnny, but also gives Mom a chance to socialize and release some steam from the day‰Ûªs stressors.

Schedule Mom time ‰ÛÒ whether it‰Ûªs a manicure, coffee out with a friend or a weekend-long shopping expedition with the girls, taking time out to relax rejuvenates Mom for another week of loving and fun at home. .


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