July 9, 2017

New Products Make Travel with a Baby Easier



With the newest and latest baby travel products on the market family-friendly travel is a real possibility, with products to help from around the world.

There’s no longer a need to worry about how to keep your baby upright in restaurant’s slippery high chair whose straps are broken – or even in an adult-sized café chair – thanks to the PortaChair from Australian-owned BambinOz. This great innovative baby travel product is designed by moms to be user-friendly adjusting for babies ages five months to 2 ½ years.

It’s a baby travel product that is sure to become a favorite among moms heading out around town. The PortaChair is a self-contained unit resembling a baby carrier that straps to a chair and utilizes a five-point safety harness with adjustable shoulder straps and is designed to fit most dining and café-style chairs. Making it even better is that the BambinOz PortaChair weighs less than an orange and fits neatly in the bottom of your purse, diaper bag or stroller.

And, if you are looking for a fun diaper bag to carry the portable high chair, consider the essential Dr. Seuss diaper bag. Not just is it filled with pockets and available in a trendy microfiber black, it also has a great picture of the Dr. Seuss character, sure to make any child smile.

Slipped into the bag’s side pocket can be another handy baby travel product, the BambinOz bottle warmer. You will never again stand in a public bathroom running a cold bottle under the hot water faucet as your baby cries to be fed. This original product is a reusable heating pad that activates when you bend/flex the disc inside the pad. The instant heat requires no batteries or electricity and lasts up to an hour. When placed inside a bottle warmer, travel with baby throughout the seasons is even easier.

Keeping baby warm when traveling is also possible with Mommy’s Hug. This cover is a wearable fleece, weather-resistant blanket that wraps baby snuggly in a carrier, car seat or stroller and does not interfere with the safety harness. There is even a pocket to keep your hands warm or hold your keys, cell phone or baby’s lovey.

Mommy’s Hug fits right over the Deluxe Baby Carrier, which is a versatile soft carrier allowing you to hold the baby in a number of positions (off-center, center or on your hip) giving you complete freedom and movement. Its enveloping head support gives the newborn extra protection and allows discreet breast feeding.

If a baby sling is more your speed, consider the Baby K’Tan. This baby carrier has a double-sling design making it a cross between a soft sling and a structured front carrier. With up to eight possible positions, the sling enables mom’s (or dad’s) hands to be free while little ones from preemie to age 2 – and even twins – can be carried safely.

So don’t hesitate to travel with your baby, it can be simple with a few gadgets, baby travel supplies and baby travel gear.


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