Monkey Kingdom

by Ginger Shelby Monkey Kingdom is part documentary, part story. This tale takes the audience into the wilds of South Asia with real world photography. This ...

Justin Bieber’s Believe

by Ginger Yes, parents, it is true, Justin Bieber has made another movie and it is being released Christmas Day. Justin Bieber's Believe is a 3-D concert film ...

The Whale

by Ginger The Whale is a true story that tells the tale of a young killer whale named Luna. The young orca is separated from his family (pod) on the coast of ...

The Last Lions

by Allison This is an intense movie that truly draws you in and takes your heart on a wild journey with the heart-breaking reality that lions of the African ...

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

by Ginger This documentary profiles the early life and his rise to fame. It features the music and stage performances of Justin Bieber. This movie focuses on ...

Waiting for ‘Superman’

by Ginger This movie is a documentary. It is a political statement that supports the maker’s views on the American educational system. It has some important ...

The Tillman Story

The story of Pat Tillman, professional football player, who left the NFL to join the Army Rangers. Pat believed it was his patriotic duty to fight for his ...

Countdown to Zero

by Ginger Count Down to Zero provides a frightening look at the real-world scenario that currently exists concerning nuclear proliferation, terrorism and ...

This Is It

Michael Jacksonäó»s concert film This Is It was released to theaters in October of 2009. The movie was also screened on IMAX 3D theaters. The DVD Blu-ray ...

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