Rade Serbedzija

The Legend of Hercules

by Ginger The Legend of Hercules brings this classical Greek myth to the big screen, but don't think that you can get away with seeing the movie without ...

Taken 2

by Ginger Taken 2 revolves around the life of retired CIA operative Bryan Mills. Mills is retired and living a life of luxury. During a family vacation in ...

X-Men: First Class

by Ginger Something old and something new is what the newest X-men movie has in store. This story line takes a look back time to a place before the academy ...

5 Days of War

Please note: we only review family movies therefore R rated movies will contain only a summary review.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

by Ginger Here comes Harry Potter again. This time, Voldemortäó»s power is growing stronger and he now has control over both the Ministry of Magic and ...

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