June 12, 2017

Toddler Diaper Bag‰ Must Haves



That baby’s turned into a toddler, and your diaper bag needs a refreshing. We‰’ve done the homework for you and have put together a simple, yet comprehensive list of what can make your outing a bit smoother.

  • ‰Diapers
  • ‰Scented, disposable diaper bags (in case you can’t toss them out right away)
  • ‰A couple resealable baggies, great for snacks, spills, wet clothes and more
  • ‰Wipes, great not only for your child’s bottom, but also for cleaning up messes
  • ‰Sanitizing gel or wipes, to get rid of germs quickly
  • ‰A container of cheerios, or other small snack item
  • ‰Granola bar for mom, if on the run and don‰’t have time to eat, it‰’s a great treat
  • ‰A board book and/or cloth book ‰perfect for grocery store lines, restaurants and car rides
  • ‰Easily portable dolls or trucks that are only found in the bag (to make them interesting) and can be played with while waiting for doctor appointments
  • ‰Spare outfit, including socks, for your child ‰you can pack it in a resealable bag which can store the soiled clothes until you get home
  • ‰Extra t-shirt for mom ‰this is most important if taking a day trip or plane ride. I learned the hard way!
  • ‰Disposable bibs
  • ‰Disposable toilet seat covers
  • ‰Band aids and Neosporin
  • ‰Kid-friendly bug spray
  • ‰Age-appropriate sun block (hat and sunglasses too)
  • ‰Baby pain reliever drops (and small bottle for Mom too)
  • ‰Small bottle of water ‰good for child or mom! And there are sippy lids that can fit right on them too.
  • ‰Toddler silverware in a baggie, great for putting dirty silverware in after use
  • ‰Camera ‰be ready to catch those special moments!


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