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The Three Stooges


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The Three Stooges (2012)

PG 92 min - Comedy - 13 April 2012

While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.

Director:  Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Stars:  Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jane Lynch, Sofía Vergara, Jennifer Hudson, Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, Larry David, Kirby Heyborne, Carly Craig, Kate Upton, Marianne Leone Cooper, Brian Doyle-Murray, Mike Sorrentino, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola, Lee Armstrong, Skyler Gisondo, Lance Chantiles-Wertz, Robert Capron, Avalon Robbins, Max Charles, Jake Peck, Isaiah Mustafa, Steve Tyler


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While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.


Genres: Comedy


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Country:   United States of America
Language:  English
Release Date:  13 April 2012

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Production Companies:  Wessler Entertainment

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Runtime:  1 h 32 min

by Ginger

Oh look! Its Larry, Curly, and Moe… on a reality show! Yes, it’s true, the kings of slapstick are back on the big screen and this family guide to the movies thinks you should take the kids and go see The Three Stooges. While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Larry, Curly and Moe stumble onto a murder plot. The action gets zany and slapstick rules.

The movie was rated a PG for slapstick action violence. Well what did you expect? Would it be The Three Stooges if someone did not stick a finger in Moe’s eye? Don’t really try that, it might hurt, just in case you are one of those people who just has to try it to find out if it is the truth. It was also rated PG for rude and suggestive language and humor. This parental guide to the movies thinks that the audience already knows that… and so did their parents and their parents before that.

Many of the pranks are classics and taken out of the originals. For instance, Moe puts a lobster down the front of Larry’s pants, with extremely loud crunching sounds. Larry screams in a high-pitched voice. There is also a scene that involves a nun wearing a revealing swim suit. Other than that, it is just The Three Stooges as you remember them. Well, OK, maybe they did not have eye phones (i-phones) then.

The Three Stooges can really sing, wrestle, and keep the laughs coming one after another. It is eye-poking fun through the entire movie. This modernized version of the old classic has many of the old elements that made them famous, with a few new twists. The Three Stooges is rated a PG and it is OK for these audiences. However, this parental guide to the movies thinks that it could cause a few problems, especially among siblings. Have a talk with your kids about what is real and what is not. You don’t want any trips to the ER because they decide to poke each other’s eye out. There may be some sibling pairs that should NEVER see this movie, and you already know if yours fall into this category. That is the only real disclaimer that this parental guide the movies would place on his one.


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