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A story centered around an Indian family who moves to France and opens a restaurant across the street from a Michelin-starred French restaurant.

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Genres: Drama


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Language:  Hindi, English, French
Release Date:  6 August 2014

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Runtime:  2 h 02 min

by Ginger Shelby

The Hundred Foot Journey is a complex and original plot centered on the restaurant industry. Hassan Kadam is a restaurant owner who used to own a restaurant in Mumbai. The restaurant was set on fire, killing his mother. This painful account is recounted as the restaurant owner tries to convince the customs officer that he and his family want to live in France. This movie plot sounds interesting and it is interesting, but there may be a few scenes that are a bit too intense for young viewers. This family movie review thinks that parents need to take a closer look at this one before agreeing to allow their tribe to see it.

The movie is a fascinating concept. Hassan finds an abandoned restaurant and decides to fix it up and offer fine Indian cuisine. This immediately sparks a battle of the chefs when it is discovered that it will be competition for a fine French restaurant across the street. Madame, the owner of the rival restaurant, becomes hostile. She attempts to sabotage opening day by arriving at the market before Papa and Hassan have a chance. She buys all of the crawfish and mushrooms, which causes a severe difficulty in the menu that Papa and Hassan have planned. The Indian family desperately works together to save the day by foraging in the river. They finally manage to snag customers by offering traditional Indian costume and dance entertainment. After more intense rivalry, Madame decides that she wants Hassan in her kitchen after Hassan has an argument over salary with Papa. Hassan is a star chef and quickly rises to the top to become a top chef, almost getting a Michelin Star.

This full length culinary delight is delectable in many ways. It is an intense emotional drama about one of the most high pressure industries. It is character driven and the audience will eventually come to love all of the characters. There is some brief sensuality between the two lovers. I believe there may be one instance of foul language. There is some alcohol served, but only in the context of adults drinking as a part of fine dining. The only reason why this would not be appropriate for children is that the fire scenes are intense and frightening. Other than that this movie is appropriate for those above the age of around 10 and up.

The movie has an underlying theme about good family ties, family values, and following your dreams. If you love cooking, you will love this movie. It is an excellent exploration of various cultures around the world. This parental guide to the movies gives this one five stars as a family movie.


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