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Step Up Revolution


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Step Up Revolution (2012)

PG-13 99 min - Music, Drama, Romance - 26 July 2012

Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily's father's development plans.

Director:  Scott Speer
Stars:  Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Stephen Boss, Megan Boone, Jessica Guadix, Cleopatra Coleman, Zoe Aggeliki, Tommy Dewey, Celestina, Adam G. Sevani, Peter Gallagher, Angeline Appel


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Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily's father's development plans.


Genres: Music, Drama, Romance


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Country:   United States of America
Language:  English
Release Date:  26 July 2012

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Production Companies:  Summit Entertainment

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Runtime:  1 h 39 min

[vc_row][vc_column][wpsm_woobox id=”48490″][/vc_column][/vc_row]by Ginger

Do you like to dance? If you do then you will probably want to see Step Up Revolution. Before you say, äóìoh look another dance film,äó wait. This family guide to the movies has to tell you that this one is different from those that have come before it. Yes, it has some of the best dancing ever and the sound track cannot be beat. This is street dancing, but this movie takes it higher, but that is not without some family friendly movie precautions.

Step up does contain suggestive dancing and language. It is the type of movie that invites the audience to dance, listen to the music and to äóìbecomeäó the movie. The movie theaters probably will not allow dancing in the aisles, but you can bet that the first thing kids will do is to come home, invite a few friends over, look up the YouTube videos, move the furniture back, and crank up the tunes. Your teens are going to hear about this movie anyway, unless they live in a cave, but you have to ask yourself, if you want to see your 9 year old imitating the dress and moves of the movie. In addition, it does contain sexuality, alcohol and drug use.

That being said, Step Up Revolution is the first movie that is more than a dance movie. It actually has a plot beyond boosting the personal ego of the main character. In this movie, Emily, the daughter of a wealthy developer, moves to Miami. As a result of this, an entire neighborhood is destined to be bulldozed and the citizens displaced, without any concern for their welfare. Emily falls in love with Sean, a local dance teacher and eventually earns her way into a flash mob. The mob becomes renowned in the Miami area, annoying locals who consider it disturbing the peace. After meeting the members of the community, Emily joins their cause to stop the destruction of their community. The flash mob decides to take its act beyond art and turn it into a protest movement against the developer. They use their dance to bring public awareness of the higher cause and to save the community. Emily is the most dedicated of the mob and also the daughter of the developer. This movie is much more interesting than other dance movies.

This Step Up Revolution movie has the potential to create a craze. Be aware that the mob disturbs the peace and breaks the law many times. They stop traffic on the street and risk confrontation with the law. This is seen as a heroic move in the movie. The mob goes viral and becomes famous for their protest, which is exactly what they wanted to do. They engage in civil disobedience and do demonstrate nonviolent protest. Are they ready for this? Further, are you ready for this? The way this Step Up Revolution movie was filmed, the characters, and the use of current topics, the do-gooder theme and other elements of the film are just asking for it to be imitated in real life.

This family guide to the movies does not think this Step Up Revolution movie is family friendly, it is one of the best dance films ever made, but not family friendly. Another caution must be added to this review. As a part-time dance instructor myself, the moves in this Step Up Revolution movie are performed by highly trained professionals. The characters in the Step Up Revolution movie make it look like anyone with no training can just go out and be doing it in a few weeks of practice. It takes much more than that. Professional dancers requires years of training and physical conditioning in order to be able to make it look easy on the screen. The real dancers, not their characters, have spent years of training to become fine-tuned athletes. This was a Parental Guide to the movies disclaimer: donäó»t try this at home, enjoy it on the screen instead.


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