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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)

PG-13 129 min - Drama - 24 December 2011

A year after his father's death, Oskar, a troubled young boy, discovers a mysterious key he believes was left for him by his father and embarks on a scavenger hunt to find the matching lock.

Director:  Stephen Daldry
Stars:  Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Max von Sydow, John Goodman, Dennis Hearn, Paul Klementowicz, Julian Tepper, Caleb Reynolds, Zoe Caldwell, Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright, Hazelle Goodman, Gregory Korostishevsky, Adrian Martinez, Brooke Bloom, Jenson Smith, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Malachi Weir, Stephen Henderson, Lorna Guity Pruce


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A year after his father's death, Oskar, a troubled young boy, discovers a mysterious key he believes was left for him by his father and embarks on a scavenger hunt to find the matching lock.


Genres: Drama


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Country:   United States of America
Language:  English
Release Date:  24 December 2011

Box Office

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions, Warner Bros.

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 09 min

by Ginger

This movie guide feels that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close may be disturbing for some adults. The movie centers on events surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Towers. This mystery surrounds a key that was left by the father of the main character. The father was killed during the 9/11 attacks. For this reason alone, this family movie guide feels that this movie requires more than the standard precautions regarding a family safe environment. Those that were close to the attacks, or who knew someone in the attacks, or who were extremely disturbed by them in any way probably should not see this movie, regardless of their age. The attacks on the World Trade Towers touched so many lives and many still feel the sting of that day. This movie has the potential to bring it all back for some. It is with great respect and reverence for those who were touched by those incidents that this family movie guide offers this caution.

This movie is about an incredible nine-year old who is an amateur inventor, jewelry designer, astrophysicist, tambourine player and promoter of peace. He is an extraordinary child. When he is not busy with all of these activities, he is just an average nine year old boy. This nine-year old gets caught up in a mystery that takes him on a search for clues through the city of New York. The mystery surrounds a key left by his father who was killed in the World Trade Towers.

The portrayal of the events surrounding the World Trade Towers is very disturbing. It contains the funeral scene, grief, and many other disturbing themes. The boy finds healing and meets many wonderful people along the journey. It is a story about love, being there for each other and leaves the audience with a contemplative, warm fuzzy feeling. It takes the audience beyond the pain and into the healing. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it will make you think.

The MPAA rated this movie as a PG-13 for emotional thematic material, some disturbing images, and language. In terms of film reviews for families, this rating does not even begin to go far enough. This movie may have a different effect on each and every person due to its themes surrounding the World Trade Tower attacks. Every person’s experiences were different surrounding the events and each parent will have to make their own decision as to whether this movie would be appropriate for their family. Due to the sensitive nature of the themes in the movie, it is impossible to make a general recommendation on this one that would be appropriate. From a technical sense, this movie guide feels that the film meets the criteria for a PG-13, but in all honesty, it is difficult to place a rating on this one that would be truly reflective of appropriate movie ratings for families. The best that this family movie review can do is to provide as much information as possible so that every person can make their own decision.


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