PG Movie Rating

This is a step up from a G rated movie. While the film may still be alright for your children, you should more thoroughly investigate the film before taking your kids, especially younger kids. There could be mild profanity or violence, or even brief nudity. Innuendo is especially likely to cause an otherwise G rated movie to receive a PG rating. Perfect examples of this are DreamWorks films such as the Shrek series which are rated PG due to their mild action, some rude humor and brief language. The film may still be suitable for children, even young ones, but some parents may find material objectionable. There are still no depictions of sex or drug use in a PG movie, although there may be brief nudity, if it is in a non-sexual context. The movies are considered something that many parents would consider suitable for their children, but a significant number may consider some things in the movie inappropriate.

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