G Movie Rating

These films are meant to be viewable by all ages. It is considered not to have any themes that would be objectionable to parents. Many of the classic Disney movies, such as Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, or Aladdin, are rated G. This rating does not constitute a seal of endorsement for anyone and everyone to see the film; rather it signifies that anything within the film that signifies conflict is minimal. A young child may be frightened by the movie, but not scarred by it. There may be words that go beyond polite conversation (arguing), but there are no obscenities. There are also no scenes in the movie that depict drug use, sex, or nudity. Overall, this rating could be summed with the words ‘Mostly Harmless’. You should still consider your child’s sensibilities when seeing a G rated movie, but in the eyes of the MPAA the film is something most parents would consider suitable for their children.

Popular G - Movies

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