July 7, 2017

Kids Shows that Teach and Entertain



Educational shows for your kids are great for inspiring creativity and instilling values. With the right show, your kids will learn while laughing and being entertained. By showing your kids these wonderful programs, they will be prepared for school and will have a much greater outlook on life.

What is educational television?

Educational television for children is a form of distance learning that is both helpful and entertaining. While many children will not sit down for a long documentary, educational television strives to bring messages to kids through humor, interesting characters, and relatable situations. For example, an education cartoon may show how to deal with bullies without becoming too dark, or it may show how to use creativity to enhance one’s life.

What are the benefits of educational shows for kids?

Young kids are very impressionable. Through these early years of rapid learning, children will begin to grow their personalities, morals, and overall outlook on life. While these attributes are usually from family, friends, and environment, a quality educational program can help as well.

If children are given a show where the lead character displays honesty and fairness, then they may aspire to those traits as well. Shows like Dora the Explorer can help to attract kids to the idea of traveling, and indirectly, to understanding other cultures different from their own.

Finding a quality educational show

You want the show to be appropriate for your child’s age. Luckily, most children’s programs are without heavy or dark themes. However, it is important to find the right programs to ensure that a show doesn’t override your own family’s values. Typically TV providers such as DirecTV have a guide where you can read a summary about what they show discusses and also determine if it’s appropriate.  DirecTV also has a great DVR which allows you to record all the shows you want so you can isolate your kids viewing to only the shows you want them to see.  Sign up for DirecTV using www.SaveonTVDirect.com and you can receive special discounts on new subscriptions.

The best kids shows that teach and entertain

For younger kids, Blue’s Clues is a great show to inspire them and keep them excited for more. The show features a wide array of colors and set-pieces, and it also utilizes animation with a live-action format. The host, Steve, is a friendly man who solves mysteries with the help of his pet dog, Blue. Together, they learn the importance of learning and the numerous benefits of seeing things through to the end. This can help your child to become interested in learning all while staying entertained.

Another great show for little kids is Curious George. This animated series inspires kids with crazy antics, bright humor, and a message promoting adventure and kindness to animals. While shows like these never explicitly say, “be nice to animals,” kids will develop feelings for George the monkey and will be able to translate it to pets later in life.

As one of the enduring classics of children’s educational programming, Sesame Street continues to help teach kids values while remaining entertaining. The show features puppets and celebrity guests who present short skits. These skits are not only designed to make kids laugh and think, but to also teach skills that are further expanded upon in school. Kids will learn spelling, basic mathematics, geography, and the power of kindness through the show’s countless episodes.

Through these and other educational children’s shows, your child will be exposed to worldly arts and cultures in a friendly and entertaining way. They will also learn to appreciate learning for its sake, which can greatly help them in their future studies. Find the best program for you and your child to get started today!


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