June 12, 2017

How to Protect Children From an Inappropriate Website



The children are ready to play online, but WAIT, have you protected them from websites that are inappropriate for their ages? Did you know that some adult-only websites have addresses that are just one letter different from children‰Ûªs websites?

For example, on a popular kid‰Ûªs gaming website if you accidentally make the name plural you will end up on an unsuitable website.

It‰Ûªs a ploy to get your child someplace you never ever imagined. Since there are websites that are trying to manipulate your child, we want to help parents discover and utilize tools that are in your grasp.

Internet Explorer, one of the predominant web browsers, has some built-in safety features that are accessible on its toolbar and it‰Ûªs something that can be done on each computer in your home.

To start, click on “Tools” on the navigation bar, which can be found in the right lower corner.
Enable your pop up blocker.

Then click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options” from the drop down bar.
‰Û¢ Click “Parental Controls” and set a password that enables you to amend settings.
Click on the “Content” tab, the center tab under “Internet Options.”
‰Û¢ Under “Content Advisor” click “Enable” and then go to “Settings” and select
the settings that are appropriate for your household.

‰Û¢ Under the “Content” tab select the “General Tab” and make sure both boxes are checked:
Users can see websites that have no rating
Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content

‰Û¢ Click “OK” at bottom of the page and you will be returned to the “Content” page.

‰Û¢ Select “Settings” again.
‰Û¢ Select “Approved Sites” (This will allow you to block sites also)
‰Û¢ Type in the website address (URL) for the site you wish to block in the top box.
It says “allow this site” but once you type in a site you will be given the choice of Always, Never or Remove.
‰Û¢ Select “Never” and click “OK” at bottom of the box. Several sites can be blocked at the same time.

‰Û¢ Create a supervisor password which will restrict access to this Internet Explorer function. The supervisor is allowed to add or change any restrictions created. Please remember to keep the password in a safe place.

Then, close and reopen Internet Explorer and test to make sure the restrictions are in place.


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