June 11, 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby, Toddler or Child



Unique kids costumes can be year round fun for girls and boys who like to play dress-up.

The crisp cool air brings in automatic thoughts of pumpkins, hay bales and, of course, Halloween costumes for kids, babies and toddlers.

My five-year-old started begging me to buy a costume back in late August, when merchandise had barely begun to hit the shelves. And the new “Halloween City” retail store that’s slated to open any day now keeps my kids yammering for a field trip. They can’t wait to get into the store and explore. There’s just something fun about dressing up and changing your persona for a day.

After exploring, I saw an article on making easy Halloween costumes for kids and found that my five-year-old loved to dress up even if the costume was not store bought.

Dressing up and creating unique kids costumes are just what Janet and her son enjoy doing each year. “(We like) working together to create a costume out of Goodwill finds, stuff out of our own closets, needle and thread. Sometime Styrofoam and paint, it’s the best part (of Halloween),” she said.

Once dressed up, the next best thing is to head outside and begin trick-or-treating in order to bring home the most-filled pillowcase possible. “I love to watch the pure joy on the faces of my kids as they race door to door seeking candy,” said Caryl, mother of two.

To make candy-seeking more fun, Terri enjoys making trick-or-treating a family effort starting with local friends and then visiting relatives. “It’s always lots of fun since we know so many people that live around our house and it gives Mitch (her husband) and I a chance to quickly catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while.”

Even distributing candy can be fun. “I love giving out candy,” said Amy. “The kids get so excited. The older kids annoy me, but what the heck, it’s only once a year!”

“I like how you can transform yourself into something else for a night,” said Cathy.

So how should you and your children dress this year?

Check out Parental Guide’s Halloween costume collection where you will find a collection of kid’s old and new favorites, like…. princesses, fairies, pirates, ladybugs, policeman and more.

Many of our toddler and children costumes can be used as play dress-up costumes all year round like our girls ballerina or princess costumes and girls cheerleader costume. Dress-up costumes like our boys swat policeman costume or the boys fireman costume make the perfect Halloween costumes to use all year round. And if your child is interested in space check out our kids astronaut costume.

Here are the top movie character costumes from 2010.

Avatar Jake Sulley
• Toy Story (Buzz, Woody and Bo-Peep)
Iron Man characters
Shrek and Fiona
Harry Potter
• Mario Brothers and colleagues
• Pixie Fairies (Tinker Bell)
• Lady Gaga
• Alice in Wonderland characters
• Twilight movie characters (and vampires in general)


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