December 2, 2020

Best STEM Toys for Girls



The current technological advancements have encouraged more parents worldwide to find different ways of sparking their kids' interest in STEM topics. However, a specific category is gaining more popularity and recognition, which is STEM toys for girls. Despite STEM primarily remaining a male-dominated field, there is a surplus of vacant positions that males cannot fill. This is among the reasons why you should encourage your daughter to focus on STEM.

That said, STEM toys for girls should be academic, active, and encourage girls to develop several skills. With the increasing demand for these toys, STEM toys for girls are all over the market, making it hard for parents to find the best. If you are searching for them, the list below highlights the best options.

Reviews of the Best STEM Toys for Girls

1. Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit

YELLOW SCOPE | Foundation Chemistry Kit: Fun & Educational Science/STEM Experiments for Kids
  • LEARN THE BASICS - The 28-page lab notebook teaches 8-12 year olds about key scientific concepts: chemical reactions, molecular motion, and the effect of temperature.
  • AWARD-WINNING - This kit has won a Parents' Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy Best Educational Toys Award, and was 2016 Finalist for Toy of the Year.
  • 19+ EXPERIMENTS - The detailed lab notebook outlines 19+ colorful and surprising experiments on chemical reactions, molecular motion and temperature. It also includes fun facts, quizzes and lots of room for kids to doodle, design and create their own experiments.
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL - The kit contains real lab equipment, including 3 beakers, a high temperature thermometer, a digital timer, colored safety goggles, a chalkboard lab mat and loads of chemical reagents for hours and hours of experimental fun.
  • STEM GIFT - This kit provides hours of engaging and fun scientific learning, making it a great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (STEM + Art) gift that will get girls excited about science and help build confidence.

The yellow Scope is a well-established brand of chemistry kits. However, the Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit remains a favorite toy for many due to its versatility and ability to cover several topics. The kit features a 32-page laboratory notebook and the necessary equipment for up to 19 experiments.

Your kid can conduct several experiments, ranging from chemical reactions, effects of temperature, to molecular motion. The kit also comes with a high-temperature thermometer, safety goggles, chemicals, a digital timer, beakers, and a lab mat.


  • Fun and educational
  • Engaging and creative
  • Great entry for aspiring scientists
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Very expensive

2. Arduino Uno R3 Toy

Electronic Smart Car DIY Project Beginner Kit Base with Tutorial Principle & Program Education Robot Car
  • UNO Project robotics car kit: Based on Arduino UNO control system, 100% open source, it allows custom code so that you can explore endless options. Whether you are beginners or enthusiasts, it is both applicable.
  • Function chassis: According Digital circuit to design the chassis & Pre-welding Components and interfaces to achieve track lines, avoid & follow obstacles, IR control, Bluetooth Control and so on experiment.
  • Easy assembly: Universal wheel, Control Board, Motors are connected with screw, Each interface corresponds to a socket , not connecting wire one by one, which makes installation simple and create a exquisite appearance.
  • Programmable: Detail Circuit schematic and Code explain not only learning about robotics with this hands-on robot toy car, but also learn how to build and program a multi-functional smart car.
  • Teen excellent project experiment: the best gift for Robotics lover teen ages, also suit for classmate’s school project experiment. Have fun to play the car build by yourselves.

The Arduino Uno R3 Toy is a great entry-level STEM toy for girls looking to learn the basics of how actuators and sensors work. Just to mention, the Arduino Uno is one of the most documented open-source boards worldwide. Therefore, this open-source board provides your toddler with an effective prototyping board with endless functionalities.

The toy features endless components and add-ons, which makes it powerful and versatile for creative kids. Evidently, this STEM toy is quite advanced. Therefore, ensure that your kid meets the age specifications to use the toy.


  • Great for aspiring coders
  • Versatile open-source board
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to find genuine products

3. Nancy B’s Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal
  • Observe and navigate the great outdoors with these lightweight, high-tech, soft-grip binoculars
  • Activities include extinguishing a flame with invisible gas, making bubbling "lava" in a bottle, causing chemicals to change color, and much more
  • Set includes beaker, 4 test tubes, rack, graduated cylinder, lab glasses, dropper, funnel, and stirring rod
  • MULTIPLE AWARD WINNER: This best-selling set is the winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award and Family Fun Magazine's Best Toy Award.
  • Supports STEM learning and provides hands-on experience with key scientific tools.Introduces atoms, molecules, and density; introduces the scientific method; and teaches testing against variables.Part of the Nancy B's Science Club line, designed to encourage scientific confidence.Encourage a love of science that will last a lifetime

The Nancy B’s Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab is another incredible science kit designed to introduce your young girl to chemistry using basic household chemicals. Your toddlers can make bubbling lava, change colors in chemicals, extinguish flames, and more using normal household ingredients.

While this can appear challenging, your kid learns on her own from the included educational journal. The journal lays out the basics of atoms, molecules, densities, and more. The STEM kit also includes lab glasses, funnel, beaker, test tubes, graduated cylinder, stirring rod, and more.


  • Affordable chemistry kit
  • Uses basic household ingredients
  • Easy to read activity journal
  • Supports STEM learning


  • Graduated cylinder can be hard to read

4. AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope

The AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope is an affordable beginner microscope with accompanying kits that make it easy to set up your baby’s first lab. The 52-piece set comes with all the components required by your young girl to set up an independent lab. Among the items include reusable slides for observing specimens, needles, spatula, slide covers, scalpel, petri dish, stains, and more. It also includes an instruction manual to get her started.

The microscope has 6 different objective lenses, offering multiple magnification levels. This allows your girl to observe all the cells, fungus, and bacteria with ease.


  • Great beginner microscope
  • Very portable STEM toy
  • Multiple accessories
  • Easy to follow instruction manual


  • Has a narrow field of view

5. LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital

LEGO is undoubtedly one of the oldest and widely recognized STEM toy manufacturers on the market. Their sets are great for kids of all ages and gender. That said, the LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital is an incredible STEM toy for girls looking to join the medical field. The toy set includes a helicopter with a landing helipad, emergency department, an examination room, ambulance, nursery, and e-ray room.

With all these accessories, setting up the LEGO hospital might sound complicated. However, the included instructions are easy to follow and will help you throughout the assembly process. That aside, LEGO Friends partnered with a submarine pilot, female engineer, and National Geographic to produce several sets that introduce your young one to marine biology and ocean conservation. There are also other multiple sets in the LEGO Friends series that you can purchase to expand your toddlers’ collection.


  • Insightful STEM game
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple series for continuous play
  • Quality construction


  • Very expensive STEM toy

What to Consider When Buying STEM Toys for Girls

Most people believe that there is some difference in science and math abilities between boys and girls. However, research has shown that this is not true, and all genders have equal abilities. Nonetheless, consider the following when buying your girl STEM toys.

  • Versatility – go for a STEM toy with open-ended inquiry and multiple play modes. This will keep your child interested in the game for long periods while saving your buck. You should also consider how the toy will grow with your developing child.
  • Representation – it is important for girls to visualize themselves represented in the characters of these toys. Therefore, find toys that don’t limit or stereotype girls. Note that navigating this is difficult since most girly versions appeal only to young girls, and very few are available for STEM fields.
  • Age – from the reviews above, it is evident that STEM toys for girls fit toddlers of specific ages. Therefore, ensure that your choice is appropriate for the age of your girl. Otherwise, the toy won’t be functional.


All STEM toys are great, regardless of gender. However, to eliminate the gap in science, it is important for parents to find STEM toys for girls that make girls represented. Note that it is important for parents to provide strict supervision to ensure maximum safety when their kids are using these toys. Fortunately, all the products outlined above come with detailed instruction guides that guide their usage.

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