November 13, 2020

Best Baby Safety Helmet



Are you concerned about your baby falling and bumping their head? Are you trying to find something that can protect that fragile little head? If so, you are in the right place. If you haven’t noticed already, you will learn soon that you cannot control a baby. Children need to discover the world on their own terms, and with that, injuries are bound to occur.

Baby safety helmets are designed to give the little ones an added layer of protection and give parents peace of mind. They are firm and perfectly fits the baby’s head to prevent severe head damage when babies walk, crawl, or stand. There are various kinds of baby helmets, but most of them are thickly padded and secure under the chin.

There are many brands, and finding the best can be a daunting task. Here, we have compiled the best helmets that you can choose.

Reviews on the Best Baby Safety Helmet

1. Elenker Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet Children Headguard Infant Protective Harnesses Cap Blue
  • The filling material is special mesh IXPE, shock absorption, impact resistance, super lightweight, good air permeability, soft, non-toxic, odorless, antisepsis, environment protection, etc
  • Suit for baby ages 8 - 60 months and head circumference of 16.93" to 22.05", BUT NOTE: This helmet is not suitable as a bicycle protection cap.
  • With demountable and moveable visor, when the infant falls forward, the visor can incline towards the face for protection at the moment of touching ground
  • When hat is hooked by a certain external force, the magic tape with great stress will loosen automatically to protect the infant
  • Note: Your baby may not adapt to the helmet at first, if you can't be patient with your baby's adaptation process, please buy carefully.

The Elenker Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet is perfect for a very active baby who wants to crawl and walk. It contains a unique mesh IXPE filling material that is super lightweight. The cotton material is breathable, non-toxic, odorless, antisepsis, and impact resistant. The helmet comes with a ventilation strip that prevents sweating.
The helmet is adjustable and can be used for 8-60months old babies by adjusting the strap. It is available in five different colors based on the baby’s interest. When a baby falls, the helmet mitigates damage with its cushioning design inside the helmet. It has an extra detachable visor that protects the baby during a fall. 


  • Good air permeability
  • Contains IXPE mesh
  • Non-toxic and odorless


  • Not suitable in warm weather
  • Smaller than other helmets

2. Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet

Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet Head Cushion Bumper Bonnet
  • Lightweight, breathable and lovely baby safety helmet offers most ideal protection for toddlers during crawling/playing/walking; The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. The bumper bonnet provide a reduced shock, cushioning effect, prevent or reduce the baby's head injuries
  • Adjustable 17.5-21.5 inches circumference is specially designed to suit any size of infant head, offers maximum safety with comfort for your loved kids
  • The outer layer is made of cotton, the fill-in layer is a high density and elastic sponge free from smell. Designed for maximum shock absorption and impact resistance
  • Weighs about 3 ounces and thickness less than an inch, the cotton belts will help securing the product on baby's head with maximum comfort
  • Keep clean is important to the baby/toddlers, the baby hamlet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash

This helmet is designed to protect toddlers while crawling or playing. It is made of an ultra-soft sponge filling, making it ultra-weight. The outer shell layer blends cotton and polyester material, providing exceptional durability. Its cushioning effect allows better protection, and the helmet can be repeatedly washed without fading.

The Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet is adjustable and can reach the circumference limit of 18.8-22’’ and weighs 3 ounces. It has a cotton belt strap that secures the helmet and provides maximum comfort to the baby. The elastic sponge inside the cap is non-toxic and odorless. It is available in various colors and attractive designs that toddlers like to wear without being forced.


  • Long term usability
  • Ideal for special needs child
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Not enough padding in the bonnet

3. Schwinn kids 3D Helmet

This helmet is a 3D due to its teddy bear design in the 3D view. It is available for both infants and adults based on head circumference. The outer layer is plastic, while the inner layer is spongy protecting the baby when walking or crawling. It is also suitable for adults when riding bikes. It features several vents in the cap that allow sweat to evaporate from the head.

The helmet has an attractive design that children love and is positioned to get the baby’s head sitting level. The side straps can be adjusted to a position that forms a V shape. The fitness level is adjusted by using one finger inside the strap. This serves as the best protection for the baby’s head.


  • Extra head protection
  • Ten airflow vents
  • Integrated visor for sun protection.
  • Durable and 3D design


  • Heavier than other helmets

4. Huifen Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

Huifen Baby Helmet, Children Infant Toddler Adjustable Infant Helmet Learning to Walk Playing Baby Helmet for Crawling Walking (Blue)
  • NAME: Adjustable baby helmet for crawling walking, it will be a great helper when your baby is learning to crawl, walk or play, you will feel more peace of mind when your baby wears it.
  • APPLICABLE AGE: This baby helmet circumference is adjustable, suits for babies aged 8-60 months, and head circumference between 16.9''-22''. Please measure your baby's head circumference before buying.
  • COTTON AND IXPE SPONGE: This toddler soft helmet is made of cotton and high-density IXP sponge, comfortable for baby to use.
  • VELCRO & VENTILATION DESIGN: The baby helmet adopts velcro design, easy for the baby to wear and take off, and the vented top of the hat also makes it less stuffy for kids to wear. Your kids may not like wearing a hat, please be patient and let your baby get used to wearing it.
  • WHAT YOU GET: The package included 1X helmet, 1X manual. this baby helmet will not be deforming after repeated wash, and if you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

The Huifen Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet is the best soft and breathable helmet for infants. It is suitable for babies aged 2 to 60 months and is adjustable according to the head circumference. The circumference ranges from 16.3 inches to 22.05 inches. The helmet contains a 100% cotton fabric and lining. The shock-resistant spongy and seismic material provides a soft and cushioning effect.

The helmet weighs 6.6 ounces and has a remarkable ventilation design that ensures sweat resistance and breathability. The adjustable straps allow for perfect fitting according to the baby’s head size and comfort. It offers 360-degree head coverage and comes in five different color designs that you can choose from.


  • Significant airflow
  • Cushioned and comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Can easily get off

5. Thudguard infant Protective Safety Helmet

This helmet is very lightweight and does not put pressure on the baby’s neck. The Thudguard infant Protective Safety Helmet is known for its stretchable feature that allows for perfect fitting. It has holes around it, providing superb ventilation by absorbing sweat and 360-degree coverage.

The helmet’s dimensions are 7.9 by 6.7 by 6.7 inches and weigh 3.53 ounces. The lightweight feature enables infants to develop helmet-wearing habits at an early age. The thick impact foam of the 0.75-inch spongy layer protects the baby from thuds and bumps. Medical and emergency experts have tested and approved its good quality. It is definitely an excellent choice.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Recommended by medical experts
  • Soft elastic chin strap
  • 360 degree cushioning


  • Limited design options
  • Pricey

Tips on Choosing the Best Baby Safety Helmet

There are various options for infant helmets available in the market, and going through them can be confusing. Below are the critical points to consider before purchasing a baby helmet.

  • Material- an essential factor to keep in mind is the construction material. Always opt for 100% cotton fabric as it is soft and breathable. Plastic helmets can result in overheating on the baby’s head.
  • Filling foam- the filling should be IXPE material as it is non-toxic, impact-resistant, odorless, and bacteria-free. All these characteristics are safe for an infant’s head.
  • Weight- since the baby is small, always go for lightweight helmets. Heavy-weight helmets put pressure on the nerves of the neck. Mostly, cotton material helmets are lightweight and offer great comfort.
  • Comfort- you need to check if the baby is comfortable with the helmet or not. If they get irritated, then the helmet is not worth it. The straps should be adjustable to ensure maximum comfort, and the range circumference should fit the baby head well.
  • Maintenance- hygiene is essential when it comes to infants. Try to choose helmets that are easy to clean using basic hand wash to avoid infections.
  • Breathability- often, babies sweat while wearing safety helmets. Go for helmets with vents or holes for safety. The vents evaporate or absorb sweat keeping the baby’s mood relaxed. Some helmets have sweat-resistant features.


Finding the right protection for your baby is crucial for them to have a happy childhood. It is essential to know what to look for in a baby helmet that will comfortably fit a baby. Some important features include being lightweight and breathable. Choose a helmet, depending on the baby’s age and head size. With the above products, your baby can fully explore the amazing outdoors safely.

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