June 12, 2017

Green Resource Round-up



We all want to green up our lives, the lives of our children, and the lives of our pets. There is a lot information available on the Internet, but sorting the fact from the fiction can be a daunting task. Information ranges from personal opinion to evidence backed standards. The following green resources round up will help you get started on the right foot with information from the most credible sources available on green living and related topics. Enjoy our guide to green resources for recycling, green living, green foods, green pets, green buildings and remodeling, and green transportation.
Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 20 years, you know the importance and the basics of recycling. The US EPA (http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/rrr) has one of the most complete sites on recycling that provides many of the answers to questions that you might have on how the process works. Earth911 (http://earth911.com/) is an excellent source for finding recycling centers near you and getting the latest news on recycling and sustainability. To find out more about recycling in your area, contact the solid waste division of your city or county. They are often more than willing to help you learn more.
Green Living
Green living is a broad term that means many things to many people. To some, it means recycling and purchasing organic foods. To others green living is much more complicated. It can mean country living at its finest and producing as much as possible. Whether you are a green urbanite or a homesteader, everyone can use some good green living tips. Here is a list of some of the better ones across the net.

National Geographic Green Guide for Everyday Living

Green Living Tips

Green Living Love to Know

-From Wind Power to Chicken Coops, you have it

The Daily Green

Boston.com. Green Living: Environmental News and Resources
Green Foods
A list of links on green foods could quickly get lengthy. No links are included that lead to recipes. These are some of the best of the best in terms of finding out what is really in your food and the products that you consume. It includes links to some of the more common certifying agencies and their requirements. This information will help you to sift through the labels and understand what is behind the certification on the label.

USDA National Agricultural Library

USDA Alternative Farming Information Center

US EPA Organic Farming

Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1990

USDA National Organic Program


Eden Organic


Local Harvest

Certified Natural International
Green Pets
Finding information on green pet supplies and foods is one of the most confusing areas of green living. Standards differ as to what is considered green and what is not. Much of the information comes from companies trying to sell green pet products. As of yet, there are no government sources or standards available for green pet keeping. Here the best sources of green pet information available on the net.

The Green Pet Community


Planet Green
Green Buildings and Remodeling
Green buildings and green remodeling are hot topics in the industry. Government standards and trade organizations provide excellent information on green building and green building products. Some product sellers also have good information on their websites.

US Green Building Council

US EPA Green Building

HGTV Pro.com

USGBC LEED Certification

Building Green
Green Transportation
We all know that transportation is one of the most difficult areas to achieve the green seal of approval. There is much information available on green transportation. Take a browse through these sites and take a look at your own situation. You might find that there are more options than you first thought.

Mother Earth News : Green Transportation

Planet Green: Go Green Public Transportation

Mother Nature Network

This list is by no means a complete list of the wealth of green information available on the internet, but it will give you a place to start with some of the most informative, non-biased sources available. Many of these sites will lead you to other great sites. Enjoy your trip into a greener world.


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