June 12, 2017

Five things to remember on your family road trip



Here are five things your family road trip should never be without.
A change of clothing for everyone. Obviously your children may be more prone to spill foods and liquids or even get sick during a road trip than you are, but you‰Ûªll be happy to have a change of clothes for yourself if they should spill on you or even get sick up on you.
Travel-sized wares. This goes beyond mere hotel sized shampoo and conditioner. Travel games and toys can keep your child entertained through vast spaces of American cornfields. Also, items like travel sized baby-wipes, bibs, napkins, and other disposable goods will make your life much easier in America‰Ûªs heartland.
Either sunshades or sunglasses. If your child is willing to wear sunglasses then this is probably your best bet. But if they are too young or too resistant, a back seat sunshade may just be a lifesaver. Especially early in the morning and during sunset, glare can cause your children a great deal of discomfort. Invest in a sunshade to help keep your kids happy and quiet.
Lot‰Ûªs of food. Kid‰Ûªs love to eat and drink but tend to quickly tire if they don‰Ûªt have enough variety. An assortment of juice boxes, water, and milk will keep a finicky child dazzled by variety for quite some time. Also single serving snack foods are always a hit. String cheese, granola bars, and fruit roll ups are great for kids and even parents too.
The last best thing to bring is children‰Ûªs entertainment. Nowadays, family cars are designed too keep your child happy even on the longest road trips. Portable DVD players have come become common in many mini-vans and SUV‰Ûªs. Letting Dora and SpongeBob keep your kids entertained is one easy way to keep them quiet and content. But coloring books and simple games like dots or tic-tac-toe encourage your child‰Ûªs creativity and stimulate their minds as well. Also classic travel games like Geography or I Spy can encourage your child too see the world outside of the car and to learn more about the nation in which we live.


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