June 4, 2017

Educational Games Worth Exploring



Favorite computer and video learning games for kids

If a child is bound and determined to play video games, it’s nice to know that there are educational options out there to help your child grow in brain power and keep basic educational skills strong over the summer months.

Below are some game series worth exploring with your child.

ItzaZoo and ItzaBitza are PC games from Sabi Games. These drawing games allow kids to interact with their creations. As children play, they are using creative thinking, problem solving and reading comprehension skills.

Leapster Learning System is a handheld child-friendly game system perfect for children ages 4-8. Children can play and learn on the go, then expand the fun online with game downloads and rewards. A wide assortment of games are available.

Brain Quest – Available for the Nintendo DS, the series offers educational games developed specifically for the third/fourth and fifth/sixth grade levels. Children get immersed in fast-paced quiz games, as they answer questions on subjects such English, history, math, science and geography.

Big Brain Academy – Available on both Wii and Playstation, the game provides activities that help you think, memorize, analyze, compute and identify. It “tests” your brain and then gives you quizzes to help expand your knowledge.

Brain Age – Available for the Nintendo DS, the intuitive game play makes brain training easy for everyone. Train across 15 activities including solving math problems and reciting piano songs and more.


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