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Kids Shows that Teach and Entertain

Educational shows for your kids are great for inspiring creativity and instilling values. With the right show, your kids will learn while laughing and being entertained. By showing your kids these wonderful programs, they will be prepared for school and will have a much greater outlook on life. ...

TV Ratings – What do They Really Mean?

While your child's favorite TV shows may evolve over time, the TV rating guidelines stay the same. This easy-to-use system is designed to help you decide which programs are a go and which are a no."It empowers the parent," said Heather Feinstein, executive secretary of the TV Parental ...

TV Parental Controls

TV parental controls exist so that parents can regulate what their children watch. Of course, such controls are also helpful for other guardians and institutions. For instance, schools and other areas with a family-friendly emphasis can also benefit from these features. The different TV parental ...

TV Parental Controls FAQs

What is a V-chip? The V-chip is a television receiver which can block certain programs based on their rating categories. All U.S. televisions created after 1999 are required to have this technology. The term is generic and it applies to many different devices. What was the Telecommunications Act ...

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