Tom Hanks

Captain Phillips

by Ginger Tom Hanks fan, he's back. This time our hero is back as Captain Richard Phillips, in the self-titled movie, Captain Phillips. This modern pirate ...

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

by Ginger This movie guide feels that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close may be disturbing for some adults. The movie centers on events surrounding the ...

Larry Crowne

by Ginger This movie is about a middle aged man who decides to go back to college after losing his job. He has few options and finds himself with not much to ...

Toy Story 3

by Ginger Here comes Woody… again. Sorry parents, if your kids were fans of the first two, you will probably find yourself sitting in a theater for round ...

Toy Story

by Allison The characters quickly capture your heart and imagination. Its how every child imagines their toys playing – and better yet, it utilizes many ...

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