Simon Pegg

The Boxtrolls

by Ginger Shelby If your children have read the story, Here Be Monsters, then they are already familiar with this movie. The Boxtrolls was based on this ...

Star Trek Into Darkness

by Ginger Star Trek fans have given this movie rave reviews and I have to agree. Star Trek Into Darkness takes you back to the early days of Captain Kirk, ...

Ice Age: Continental Drift

by Ginger First the ice age, then the meltdown, now continental driftäó_ whatäó»s a wooly mammoth, sloth, and saber toothed tiger to do? Yes, once again ...

Misson: Impossible Ghost Protocol

by Ginger When the IMF is shut down after being implicated in a bombing incident at the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt and his new team must turn rogue in order to clear ...

The Adventures of Tintin

by Ginger The Adventures of Tintin is an action-packed fantasy, mystery, adventure involving a hunt for a lost treasure. Tintin and Captain Haddock set out to ...

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