Kevin Costner

McFarland, USA

by Ginger Shelby Immigration is a hot topic of discussion in the media. Niki Caro has weighed in on this issue with an all-star cast that includes Kevin ...

Draft Day

by Ginger Kevin Costner is back on the big screen, only this time he is not Dancing with Wolves or running around in Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood. This time ...

3 Days to Kill

by Ginger Kevin Costner stars as Ethan Renner in 3Days to Kill, an action adventure thriller that is certain to please. Renner is a dying secret service ...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by Ginger In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a young CIA analyst discovers a plot to crash the U.S. economy using a well-placed terrorist attack. Jack Ryan must ...

Man of Steel

by Ginger Superman fans will love this updated version of the classic superhero everyone loves. Clark Kent and Lois Lane struggle to save their love affair, ...

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