Jim Cummings

Wreck-It Ralph

by Ginger Wreck-it Ralph is the latest Disney creation and you can expect that your video game fan will probably beg to see it, if you can tear the controller ...

Winnie the Pooh

by Ginger Winnie the Pooh is back for another ordinary day in the hundred acre wood. Of course, he sets out to find some honey and when he misunderstands a ...

Gnomeo & Juliet

by Ginger This family movie rating guide takes a look at a creative and whimsical twist on the Shakespeare classic. This movie is a delight for all audiences. ...


Shrek is the story of a cartoon orgre that lives in mid-evil times. Shrek lives alone, and prefers it that way, until a bunch of other fairy tale characters ...

The Lion King

by Allison The Academy Award-winning music -- Best Original Score, 1994; Best Song, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" äóñ takes this movie to new horizons. The ...

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