Dan Aykroyd


by Ginger Shelby In 1982, humans launched a time capsule into space in order to contact alien life. The time capsule attempted to represent many aspects of ...

Get on Up

by Ginger Shelby Get On Up is the real story of the legendary singer, James Brown. Chadwick Boseman plays the star and brings a note of authenticity to the ...

Legends of OZ: Dorothy’s Return

by Ginger You probably thought that once Dorothy was back in Kansas, her adventures were over, but that is not the case in Legends of Dorothy's Return. In ...

The Campaign

The movie is rated R. We only provide movie reviews for family movies.

Yogi Bear

by Ginger In this perennial classic, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo must once again prove that they are smarter than the average bear. Faced with the economic woes of ...


by Allison While parts of this movie might frighten younger children because of the ghouls and monsters -- we suggest waiting until your children are 9 and up ...

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