Need for Speed

by GingerNeed for Speed takes you on a cross-country race with a newly released prisoner bent on revenge. The plot is complicated when his ex-partner decides to place a bounty on his head and the race is on. This parental guide to the movies ...

21 Jump Street

Please note: we only review family movies therefore R rated movies will contain only a summary review.


by GingerWho would have thought that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast could go goth? This teen drama tells the tale of a handsome arrogant young man who is transformed into a hideous beast. Kyle Kingson (played by Alex Pettyfer) spurns a group of ...

The Social Network

by GingerFacebook is the biggest social network in the world. It revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. This movie, The Social Network, is about the story of its founder. It tells the story of a Harvard undergrad and programmer, ...

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