Planes: Fire & Rescue

Dusty and his friends are back for some high flying adventure in Planes: Fire and Rescue. In this adventure, Dusty must take a new direction in life. He learns that after his last race his engine was damaged so badly that he may never race again. He ...

Ride Along

by GingerRide Along is about the lengths that a man will go to for a woman. In this plot, Ben joins his broth-in-law on a 24-hour patrol through Atlanta to prove that he is worthy of marrying the Cop's sister. This is a rough action movie and is ...


by GingerThe world of mixed martial arts is brutal and tough. This family movie review takes you into the world of mixed martial arts. The main character must make a move to keep a roof over his family’s head. The product of an alcoholic father, ...

The Hangover Part II

Please note: we only review family movies therefore R rated movies will contain only a summary review.

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