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    Puss in Boots Family Movie Review
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Puss in Boots - Family Movie Review

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some adventure action and mild rude humor

Animation, Action and Adventure, Kids and Family, Comedy

Chris Miller

Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Sedaris, Billy Bob Thornton

Dream Works

Release Date/In Theaters

Puss in Boots Movie Summary

Puss and Boots, spins off from the Shrek series to create a purrrfect animated movie. Puss in Boots (Voice of Antonio Banderas) uses his charms and his fighting skills to save his town with the help of Kitty Softpaws and Humpty Dumpty.

Puss in Boots Family Movie Review and Guide for Parents

-by Ginger

Parents, beware, you might remember him from Shrek. He’s that lovable …errrr…..cuddly….charming….sly…furry…and always up to something devious feline from Shrek. It’s Puss in Boots, only now he has his own movie! Yes, the makers of Shrek have done it again and this movie guide thinks it is everything that you would expect from this rebellious, lover in a cavalier hat and leather boots.

            This time Puss in Boots is after a hidden treasure. Along the way, he has lots of sword play in the fashion of Errol Flynn and Puss in Boot’s human doppelganger, Zorro. If you don’t know who Errol Flynn is, look it up on YouTube, it is a classic. This milk lapping, purring, legendary other cat in a hat is accompanied by Humpty Dumpty and the trusty steed from Shrek. This time, he meets his soul mate in a rebellious female feline with pretty blue eyes and a sword to match. Did Puss in Boots finally meet his match in love? This family movie guide thinks that you will just have to take the kids and see for yourself.

            This movie has a few twists on the original Grimm’s fairy tale plots. When Jack and Jill went up the hill and broke their crown, it apparently did a psychological rewire. In this version of Puss in Boots, Jack and Jill are nasty outlaws. They are greedy and bad news for anyone who has the misfortune of meeting them. You guessed it, Puss in Boots meets the quarrelsome pair and is very lucky to have nine lives. Humpty Dumpty also developed an alter ego when he fell off the wall. He is now a master criminal who wants to pull off the heist of his life. This eggstra from Parental Guide family movie reviews has the scoop on the alter egos of all your childhood favorites, or maybe I should say, your family favorites gone wrong.

            This guide to movie reviews for families found that the PG rating for the movie was appropriate. It contains adventure action and rude humor throughout, much in the same fashion as Shrek. If you have seen, Shrek…and if you are reading this family movie review you probably have…you already know what to expect. This family movie guide thinks that the creators took a clue from Star Wars. The action in the movie takes place before the first Shrek movie and leads up to the action in Shrek. This family movie review recommends taking your kids to see the movie…just don’t make the cat angry.

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