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Pitch Perfect Family Movie Review

the pitch movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for sexual material, language and drug references

Comedy, Music

Jason Moore

Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Alexis Knapp


Release Date/In Theaters

Pitch Perfect Movie Summary

When Beca (Anna Kendrick) arrives at her new college, she is an outsider. Then she joins a choir of very unique girls. A bit of Glee with all girls, an edge and a lots of laughs.

Pitch Perfect Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

            Pitch Perfect is about a college freshman who joins the school’s all-girls singing group.  In a competition, they face male rivals at the same school.  The movie examines that first year away from home, as an independent adult.  The movie makes college seem to be an appealing and fun time…  but there is more to college life than the curriculum.  This family movie review has some information about this college orientation that we are sure will not be in the promotional brochures.

            The very first thing encountered by this young freshman is the presentation of a “rape whistle”, which is only to be blown in case of a real emergency.  One of the characters refers to herself as “fat Amy”, not necessarily the most positive way to refer to oneself.  There is much foul language throughout the film.  Then, there is the dormitory shower scene.  The main character at first told the singing group that she could not sing.  When heard by a female coed, she is rudely interrupted in the process of taking for shower by another female coed, who refuses to leave until the main character sings.  This is where her Pitch Perfect (perfect pitch) was discovered.  Perfect pitch is the ability to name a note and match it perfectly without the aid of accompaniment.  This is a rare and highly desirable singing ability.

            The co-ed action doesn’t stop there.  Apparently they are in a coed dorm, because her next shower interruption is when a male (partially clothed) pops in to complement the two naked women in the shower and complement her on her voice.  This is when the challenge and the male/female competition gets hot. The girls know their assets and know how to use them.              This family movie review may have provided you everything you need to make your decision already. But wait…there’s more.  The girls suggest a bikini car wash as a fund raising activity for the competition… and they do not intend to use sponges. Let’s not forget the hot tub scene, flashing, kissing, drinking and drug references.  I think it’s time to stop now.

            The MPAA rates this movie, Pitch Perfect, for an audience 13 and above.  The MPAA has strict criteria in lines that a movie must cross in order to be rated an R.  However, this parental guide can provide parents a bit more detailed description of the movie then the MPAA ratings tell you.  This family movie review feels that Pitch Perfect is an accurate portrayal of college life…  and the focus is NOT on academics.  This may be a good college advertisement to entice junior high and high school students to work hard so that they can become accepted into a school, but it may not be exactly the motivation you are looking for. Don’t put this one on your entrance essay about why you want to attend college.

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