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parental controls, music ratings, music video, music artist, music industry info

Parental controls> Music Info and Parental Controls

parental controls and kids music

Who is Justin Bieber?

-by Allison

If you have a home with tweens and teens, then you have surely heard the wooing and ogling over 16-year-old Justin Bieber. Named recently by People Magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful people, Justin Bieber has become a household name.
Read more about why your tweens love Justin Bieber

music industry info, music controls, muscical instruments

girl playing violin instrument

Can Playing an Instrument Help Increase Your Child's Math Scores?

Music, it’s said to soothe the savage beast. But did you know that musical training can increase math scores, social development and success in life?
>How playing Musical Instruments can help improve Math Scores

earbuds are they safe

How Safe are Earbuds and Headphones for Your Child?

MP3 players and iPod’s are in nearly every child’s backpack. While music is a great way to relieve stress and get the feet moving, how youth listen to their music can make a difference as to the hearing issues they could have down the road.
>Read about earbud safety and kids hearing

boy playing instrument

Seven Chief Benefits of Musical Instruction

Top benefits for students and children
who learn to play an instrument and
take music classes.
>Benefits for kids who play instruments

parental advisory label for musicLearn about the Record Industry’s Parental Advisory Label:

Unlike television programs and movies, songs are not rated based on age-appropriateness. There is just one label to help parents, which is the Parental Advisory Label (PAL).
>Read about the PAL Parental Advisory Label - Music Industry

teenager enjoying listening to musicGet Your Child's Life in Harmony with Music

Music has an incredible influence over people,” said Frank Degler, a world-renowned musician and musical prodigy – at age 3...
>Children and Music


Other topics:

Internet Parental Controls

Dangers of Internet Predators

Computer Game Ratings

Click here for more info on the V-Chip and Internet Filters.

faqs for parents about the music industry

mom and tween at computer

What is a V-Chip:

The V-chip is a television receiver which can block certain programs based on their rating categories. All U.S. televisions created after 1999 are required to have this technology.
Read about the V-Chip.


No one wants their child raised by the television, but sometimes the TV is the only way to keep a child occupied. So when it comes down to TV time it’s better to not leave their entertainment to what’s on all the networks. With so few quality shows for children on TV many moms are discovering the benefits of educational
Read more about DVDs and Kids.

Internet Parental Controls:

Internet parental controls, as well as those created for other forms of media, will generally fall under three categories. These are content filters, usage controls, and monitoring systems. They may be used together or separately. Read more about internet parental controls.