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    Puss in Boots Family Movie Review
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Parental Controls:

TV Parental Controls FAQs
Your questions answered.

TV Parental Controls
TV parental controls are used in homes, schools, and other areas to limit, regulate, and monitor the content available on television.

Internet Parental Controls
Internet parental controls are appreciated within the office as well as within schools and homes.

With so few quality shows for children on TV many moms are discovering the benefits of educational children’s DVDs.

Books and Music
Do you really know the quality of content your kids are reading and listening to?

Keeping you kids safe while driving is a top priority.


The Motion Picture Association of America is the self-regulatory body for the film industry.

Although, these ratings are just the beginning; for parents who need to determine if a movie is appropriate for their children, taking into consideration not only age but subject matter, maturity of the child and your family values.

We offer parents reviews from our family to help make a decision.

Please click on the graphic for each rating below to learn more.


General Audience >


Parental Guidance >


Parental Guidance-13 >


Restricted >


Restricted-17 >



Entertainment Industry Info:

Movie Ratings
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is the self-regulatory body for the film industry.

ESRB Ratings
The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is a non-profit group that provides rating services to video games similar to those the MPAA offers for movies.

Music Ratings
Guide to understanding the Parental Advisory Label (PAL)


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