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What Luck Family Movie Review

What Luck Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for profane language and adult themes

Comedy | Romance

Jerrold Ridenour

Kevin Carlson, Chad Fishburne, Troy Guthrie

Indican Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

What Luck Movie Review for Parents

-By Ginger Shelby

Just because the main character in What Luck is a puppet, does not mean that his life is without problems. This movie is about just an average Joe, actually John, who is just like everyone elseā€¦.except perhaps that he is a blue puppet. John, is the average thirty something average guy trying to make a living, trying to win the lotto, trying to get out of where he is, and trying to win the girl. He has average everyday problems in his daily struggle for a better life. But, just because the main character is a puppet does not necessarily make it a kid's movie. Before you think that it is a kid's movie because it has a puppet, you might want to think again.

This movie may not be the brand of humor that you consider to be appropriate for your kids. Despite its looks, it is an adult movie with adult themes and adult content. John lives in Barstow and wants out of his dull town. He exclaims "sh*t" a lot, and he has many reasons to use this expletive throughout the movie. The use of this expletive was a common running theme. There were also more than a few f-bombs, and references to sweaty parts of the male anatomy. This family movie review does not have to go any further. You get the picture, no thesaurus needed. There is loud beer drinking. The plot centers on John's attempt to win the lotto so that he will have enough money to get the girl.

He is fired, gets mugged by a man with a plastic knife, and his car gets repossessed. The main feature of the film is the nonstop expletives throughout the movie. As far as this family movie review is concerned, this is not a kid's movie by any means. The MPAA did not rate it as an R, because technically it did not meet the criteria. It may not have met the criteria for an adult movie, but as a parent, one needs to be warned about this movie. If the kids have not heard all of the derogatory slang terms for body parts, they will know them all by the end of this movie. There is no attempt at all to soften the vulgar language. I think that I may have learned a few new ones myself. There are homosexual and heterosexual innuendos throughout.

As a kid's movie, this one has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It has the worst role models any parents could ever imagine, nonstop foul language, and a main character whose only redeeming quality is that he cannot get any worse. This movie is about a character with a bad life, a bad attitude, and poor coping skills. It is not a movie for kids and it may not be a movie for adults for that matter. This family movie review thinks there are better options out there this weekend for the family.

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