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Warm Bodies Family Movie Review

Warm Bodies Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for zombie violence and some language

Horror, Romance, Thriller

Jonathan Levine

Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, Dave Franco

Summit Entertainment

Release Date/In Theaters

Warm Bodies Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

            If any movie were to receive an award for the most original plot concept, it might be Warm Bodies.  The movie poster is just as cryptic with that statement in big bold lettering, “Cold Body Warm Heart”.  In this thriller, a zombie becomes romantically involved with a girlfriend of one of his former victims. You think it is strange already? It gets even stranger. Let this family movie review fill you in on the cold hard facts.

            This movie is a cross genre creation that is stranger than life itself.  The tag line, “Bros before brains” sets the stage for even greater weirdness.  This movie is classified as a Comedy/Horror/Romance.  As a writer myself, I believe I would find it difficult to conceive a plot that crosses so many lines, but nonetheless it has now been done. This movie crosses many lines and definitely draws outside of the lines as far as on movies go. This movie features zombies, who form friendships, even with limited conversation. Bones are skeletons that will eat anything. Brains are living human beings who must fend off bones and zombies to save their own lives.  See, this family movie review warned you that it was strange.

            There is violence and scary scenes of the undead. You might want to leave younger members of the family at Grandma’s. This movie has a specific audience appeal in mind.  It is targeted towards teenagers and tweens who are fans of vampires, zombies, werewolves and other such creatures of the night.  The violence level and intensity is similar to that in the Twilight Saga and will probably have the same audience appeal.

            The similarities between the Eclipse and Twilight Saga movies do not stop there either.  It is almost as if they simply substituted zombies and bones for vampires and werewolves.  The central plot centers on a forbidden romance between a human and a zombie.  Sound familiar, only with different members of the undead?  This parental guide to the movies thought you would think so too.  Warm Bodies takes a more satirical look at the situation as both partners of the romance to try to downplay their zombie and brain characteristics for the sake of romance.  For instance, the young female character acts like a zombie so that her lover’s friends will not know that she is a brain and want to eat hers.  The zombie tells her that she is overacting, as if one could over act when trying to convince a group of zombies that you are already dead.  He is self conscious about acting too “creepy” in front of her.

            This whirlwind romance threatens to tear apart the fabric of the entire undead community.  As the young zombie begins to remember what it is like to be human again, the other zombies begin contracting an illness that threatens to make them all human once again.  Soon, a war breaks out and you have the zombies fighting bones to save the humans, rather than eat their brains.  This movie uses some interesting literary technique as the audience gets to hear the thoughts of a zombie as he contemplates why he cannot make real human connections, but then realizes that he cannot make human connections because he is dead.  Unlike the Twilight Saga and Eclipse, this movie focuses on the comedy of the situation, rather than presenting it as a dramatic tragedy.  This is not a serious movie, but it still has its share of horror elements. This one just may be destined to be a cult classic, but it is not for the smaller ones in the family.

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