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Tyler Perry: A Medea Christmas Family Movie Review

Tyler Perry: A Medea Christmas Trailer

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for sexual references, crude humor and language


Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, Chad Michael Murray, Tika Sumpter

Tyler Perry Studios

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Tyler Perry: A Medea Christmas Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Watch out, Tyler Perry is back doing Christmas as only everyone's favorite character can do it. Tyler Perry: A Medea Christmas hits the big screen just in time for the holiday season. Medea is unusually festive this holiday season in a way that only she can pull off. This time she is strapped into the role of the jolly olde elf himself as she agrees to play Santa to a friend's children. This ho ho holly jolly good time has laughs all the way through, but this Parental Guide to the movies thinks that Medea's brand of humor might just be a little too much for the younger members of the family.

Medea agrees to help a friend pull a trick on her child at Christmas. The mother wants this to be the biggest Christmas surprise ever, so she asks Medea to play the role. The little girl is not the only one who will get a big surprise this Christmas. The small town is really in for a few surprises when Medea decides to give the Christmas spirit her own style.

Medea is brutally honest with a little girl who asks if Santa really lives in the North Pole. Medea's answer was that he does not; he just lies on the couch and drinks all day. She also announces that they wanted a Santa but he is on lockdown (in jail). Child after child is told to get a job and is shoved through the line because Medea gets five dollars for every child who sits on her lap. She tells one child that instead of a stocking for Christmas, how about a stocking full of Jenny Craig. This off color comment about weight may not be what you want your child to see. She holds a child upside down by one leg when he wets her lap. The jig will be up after this movie and Santa's at the mall will never be the same.

This scene will ruin the fantasy of sitting on Santa's lap if you still have some believers in your household. As expected, Medea's brand of humor is laced with foul language and threats against the store staff. Racial jokes are abundant and Medea pulls no punches in this category. Medea proudly announces to a crowd of children and adults that she has not been to the North Pole, she has been on the North Pole. Her in your face style pits a comeback to racial slurs with another racial slur. Medea on the farm means that udderly awful sexual references abound.

Most viewers see Medea nonstop crude humor and she does not disappoint in this movie. One of her worst moments in the movie is when she tells the children in the class that the Virgin Mary was not a virgin. This kid's movie review thought you might like to be warned about that one ahead of time. This movie will be a treat for Medea fans, but it will definitely take the magic out of Christmas for the younger members of the family. Medea fans know what to expect, but those who have not experienced Medea will want to see this one without the kids.

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