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The Nut Job Family Movie Review

The Nut Job Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for mild action and rude humor

Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Peter Lepeniotis

Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson

Gulfstream Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

The Nut Job Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

The Nut Job is a cartoon about an independent squirrel who is banished from his neighborhood park. He must now survive in the city. He is doomed as winter fast approaches. This is a cute movie, but there are a few moments that make parents wonder what the director's were thinking when they intended to make a kid's movie.

Surley accidentally destroys the family's winter nut supply by dropping a nut cart on it. There are close encounters with frightening dogs and humans who want to rid their businesses of rodents. The humans are on a squirrel hunt and the squirrels are determined to take over the local nut manufacturing plant and feed their colony forever. There is a twerk alert in this one. A few of the characters briefly twerk for various reasons.

This movie would be kid friendly if it were not for a few small breeches of PG content. There is some flirting between Surly squirrel and a salacious female squirrel. There is some violence that is done for comedic effect, not out of anger or hostility. In one scene, Surly kicks pigeons off a power line while they are snoozing. A case of flatulence explodes and barely misses our hero. Some scenes might be too intense for those under the age of five. However, the worst violation of the family friendly code of ethics is that the main hero uses the term, "god damn." I apologize, but there is no way to sugar coat that one. This one nearly made my jaw drop when this cute cartoon squirrel says that in a kid's movie. It was uncalled for and completely inappropriate. That one should have stayed on the cutting room floor for certain.

The soundtrack for this one includes Gangman Style by Psy, Oh Well by Skully Boyz, and N.E.V.E.R. by Alana D to name a few. This one is a case where the instances of inappropriate content are brief, but shocking. It is difficult to make a call as to whether this one is appropriate for your family. However, all things considered, this one is overall appropriate for those over the age of five, but that all depends on your views about the briefness of the inappropriate content.

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