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The Lego Movie Family Movie Review

The Lego Movie Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for mild action and rude humor

Animation | Action | Comedy | Family

Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Berry

Warner Bros.

Release Date/In Theaters

The Lego Movie Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

LEGO fans will love this. The Lego Movie is all about LEGOS and the adventures that these creations have. In this case of mistaken identity, a minifigure is mistakenly thought to be Masterbuilder. He is recruited to stop a LEGO villain from gluing the entire universe together. Oh no! This parental guide to family friendly movies thinks that this move is fun for the whole family.

This 3-D LEGO world is packed with ideas and cute characters galore. The characters are upbeat and think everything is awesome all the time, to the point of parental annoyance on some occasions. This fantasy world features all of the favorite LEGO characters. There are many recognizable characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Einstein. There are construction workers, and many more awesome characters. These LEGOs do everything their human counterparts do in the real world.

It was rated PG for mild action and rude humor. There is one case where Batman is asked who he has come to see. Batman answers, "I'm here to see your butt." This is an example of the types of rude humor throughout the movie. Batman says this word several times throughout the movie. Several of the characters say, "dang it". The movie does have its share of action and thrills, but the characters are all LEGOS and not real humans.

This imaginative play land is full of playtime ideas and fantasy. Yes, it is one big commercial for LEGOS and all of the fun that you can have with them. This movie is meant to spark the imagination of the LEGO fanatic in your home. It is nonstop action-packed adventure in small pieces. This movie has the promise of going the extra distance for the movie goer in entertainment value. It is likely that your child will go home and spend hours recreating the characters in the movie. Just make sure that you have plenty of LEGOS on hand. This movie is appropriate for all audiences, except perhaps those under the age of four, but only if they are sensitive to scary action scenes. Other than that, The LEGO Movie is fun for the entire family.

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