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The Good Lie Family Movie Review

The Good Lie Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for thematic elements, some violence, brief strong language and drug use


Philippe Falardeau

Reese Witherspoon, Corey Stoll, Thad Luckinbill

Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media, Blue Sky Films

Release Date/In Theaters

The Good Lie Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger Shelby

The Good Lie is an adult movie about an American woman who takes in four boys who are Sudanese refugees. It is based on real life events about the Lost Boys of Sudan. These lucky boys won the lottery to relocate to the United States, but they had no idea what they were in for when they arrived in their new home. This move has strong themes that hold true in today's world. Because this movie involves real world, contemporary events, this family movie review thinks that every parent needs to carefully consider the impact that this movie might have on their family.

The Good Lie shows the real life struggles in Sudan. It opens with a battle scene with men running around the village firing automatic weapons and helicopters flying overhead. You see people running through the village and being gunned down as they flee. The boy sees all of the people that he grew up with and his entire family killed in the opening scenes of the movie. It is a very heart wrenching and violent scene. The boy is left an orphan who is torn from his family by war. They must survive landmines and other elements of war. This is a very realistic portrayal of what life is like in Sudan.

The boys had nothing left. The orphans enter into a program to go to the United States for a new life. They land in their new life with Carrie in charge. She tries to acclimate them to life in a world that is very unfamiliar. She fights for them and she decides to adopt them when the program is cancelled and they are threatened with deportation back to Sudan. There are many comedic moments, many of which involve cultural differences. The value of the movie is that it explores how people of different cultures can learn and grow with each other.

The MPAA rated this movie PG-13 for the themes presented, some violence, strong language, and drug use. This is a fair assessment of this movie. The violence is confined to the opening scenes, but these few scenes may be traumatic for some. The family movie review does not suggest this film for anyone under the age of 13.

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