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Russell Madness Family Movie Review

Russell Madness Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some rude humor and sports action


Robert Vince

John Ratzenberger, Mason Vale Cotton, Fred Willard

Air Bud Entertainment

Release Date/In Theaters

Russell Madness Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger Shelby

Russell Madnesswill warm the hearts of kids and adults alike. Its a dog’s world for the small terrier whose only dream is to have a family of his own. The story sends a strong message about family ties and the importance of being near those who love you. The story is non-stop comedy that will keep adults and children laughing the whole time. This parental guide to the movies thinks that your family will love Russell Madness.

This story begins when a family moves back to Oregon to restore an old wrestling ring that belonged to one of their relatives. Russell the terrier enters the scene when the ring is running its first match since reopening. It seems that Russell was in a pet store and ran away. Once he enters the ring, it is discovered that he has some awesome wrestling skills. With an array of costumes and a pin every time, Russell and the Ferraros soon find themselves YouTube sensations. His talking monkey manager throws in a few surprises of his own, making this a delightful hit.

It is not long before another wrestling manager decides that he wants in on a piece of the action. He wants to take Russell from his family after a loss in the ring. It turns out the other wrestler cheated. Now, Russell must face this same opponent in the ring. If he wins, he will get to stay with his family, but if he loses, he will become the property of a manager who only wants to use him for money. Russell trains hard for the match. In the end, the lesson of the story is that family is what matters most in life.

Throughout movie, there is some wrestling action, but in a tamed down, kid friendly movie version. There is no blood or gore. There are a few rude jokes, such as passing gas type of antics, but there is no profanity or other offensive content. The talking animals are adorable. This cute and heartwarming story is a great way to spend your afternoon. It has been a hit in the theaters with audiences reporting episodes of nonstop laughter. These are cute characters engaged in a fun and heartwarming plot. You can bet that it will find its way into your collection as a family movie favorite.

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