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RoboCop Family Movie Review

RoboCop Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for intense sequences of action including frenetic gun violence throughout, brief strong language, sensuality and some drug material

Action | Crime | Sci-Fi | Thriller

José Padilha

Joel Kinnaman, Douglas Urbanski, Abbie Cornish


Release Date/In Theaters

RoboCop Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Robo Cop is a remake of the original, only updated. The story takes place in 2028 Detroit. In this movie, Alex Murphy is a good cop, loving husband, and father. He is critically injured in the line of duty. When this happens the OmniCorp corporation sees their chance to create a new invention. They turn Alex into something that is part man and part robot. He is the police officer of the future. So far, this story line is almost identical to the original version. This family movie review thinks that it may not be appropriate for all audiences.  

OmniCorp sees the introduction of Robocops into every city as their corporate vision. They envision legions of Robocops in all parts of the country. OmniCorp fails to see the humanity in the creatures. They only see the technical side. They believe that they can control the creatures. Inside every Robocop is a human being, and this is where things get complicated. This movie is as violent as the first movie, only it uses better technology to achieve the effects. This science fiction thriller takes the imagination to the dark side of computer technology. This is a violent movie with many scenes that are not appropriate for all audiences.

There is one scene where the robot targets a child, then decides that it is a nonthreat and moves on. This is a frightening scene because the child is completely unaware of the danger. It demonstrates that you never know what Robocop is really thinking. There was a sense of danger to a child in this scene. Robocop and the other technological characters are frightening to say the least. You might see a few robots that you recognize from the sets of Battlestar Galactica and the Terminator. It looks like they brought a few classics out of mothballs for this one.

This movie was rated PG-13 for the action and violence in the movie. It has wild gunfire throughout. Not all of the characters speak softly either. There are more than a few instances of strong adult language. There are some scenes of sensuality and drug material too. There are many fights between robots, humans, and humans against robots. This movie has a high body count in both mechanical and human characters. The intensity of the move is over the top.

This movie is an excellent updated version of the original. It is every bit as violent and would probably be too frightening for those under the age of eight. It takes the viewer into a shadow world in Detroit. This parental guide to the movies thinks that the younger members of the family would find this one much too violent.

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