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Planes: Fire and Rescue Family Movie Review

Planes: Fire and Rescue Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

dangerous and scary flying scenes

Animated | Comedy | Adventure

Roberts Gannaway

Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Danny Mann, Teri Hatcher, Julie Bowen, Ed Harris, Wes Studi, Dale Dye

DisneyToon Studios

Release Date/In Theaters

Planes: Fire and Rescue Movie Review for Parents

Dusty and his friends are back for some high flying adventure in Planes: Fire and Rescue. In this adventure, Dusty must take a new direction in life. He learns that after his last race his engine was damaged so badly that he may never race again. He must make the most of it so he decides to join the world of aerial firefighting. On this new adventure he makes new friends and must learn new skills. Dusty's new adventure is rated PG for some dangerous and scary flying scenes, but this parental guide to the movies thinks that whole family should see this one.

The movie begins with a call to a massive wildfire. The fire and rescue vehicles rush to the scene. There are lots of dangerous fire scenes, lots of near misses the planes, sirens, and excitement. One of the scariest scenes is when they are trapped with fire all around and it looks like there is no way out. They are rescued just in the nick of time and make it out only a little smoky. There is one scene where a truck flirts with a cute lady car. He makes a comment about her being dropped out of a belly of a plane because she is "the bomb". They use flirtatious body language and gestures.

There are a number of new characters to make the movie interesting. Dusty has left his old friends and the old world of racing, but he is in a new place and makes new ones. This movie sends the message that life is what you make of it and that you can turn a bad situation into a good one with the right attitude. Other than those few details mentioned, this is a fairly mild family movie. It might scare the little ones, but those above the age of four should find it to be no more scary than any other Disney movie.

This is an excellent family movie about not giving up even when faced with tragedy. It is about finding the meaning in life, no matter what challenges life throws you. It is about adjusting to the changes and finding a higher purpose in life. The characters in the movie are all fire fighters. They are all willing to sacrifice so that others may be safe. It is about courage and teamwork. This family movie review thinks this is a great family movie for all but the youngest

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