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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Family Movie Review

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Trailer

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MPAA Rating

for fantasy action violence, some scary images and mild language

Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Thor Freudenthal

Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson

Fox 2000 Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Percy Jackson is not just your typical seventh grader in a New York prep school, and the prep school itself is not ordinary either. Percy goes to a school especially designed for elite kids who happen to be half-human and half-god. Percy's life seems normal for any kid in any prep school, until one day something strange happens and he finds himself in a death match against some vicious monsters. This teen movie was rated PG, but let us take a closer look at this movie that it designed as a kids movie.

The plot begins with the normal life of an average seventh grade kids in a prep school. Then one day, during a game of dodgeball the game changes, suddenly Percy, and his friends find themselves in a death match against some ugly cannibal giants. If this is not bad enough, a friend of his arrives at the prep school with more bad news. Annabeth tells Percy that the magical orders that are in place to protect Camp Half-Blood have been poisoned. Unless a cure can be found, the only safe haven for these half-humans half-gods will be destroyed. In this story, Percy and his friends must journey to the Sea of Monsters to save their camp. Finding the Golden Fleece is their only hope of saving the camp.

The MPAA considers this movie appropriate for a PG audience. It includes some violence, harsh language, and dangerous situations. It is a fantasy with scary images and some mild sensuality involved. This movie is filled with minotaurs, cyclops, magical cars, and plenty of other mythical creatures. The creatures and effects are wonderful for a fantasy movie, but it might be too much for those under their pre-teen years.

The frightening sequences are in line with other teen movies of this genre. The magic and violence are similar to Harry Potter and Hunger Games. It will be sure to be a hit with those in this age group. There are delightful sea monsters and larger than life monsters around every corner. This movie combines action and fantasy in a delightful mix, but it might be too scary for the smaller members of the family. This is a movie for kids but this family movie review offers this advice with a word of caution.

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