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Peeples Family Movie Review

Peeples Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for sexual content, drug material and language


Tina Gordon Chism

Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson

Lionsgate Films

Release Date/In Theaters

Peeples Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Peeples is a story about adult relationships.  Wayne Walker decides that he wants to propose to the daughter of a wealthy local family.  He just cannot figure out how to do it.  He wants to make it big and something special.  He has the ideal dream about how meeting the family of the girl of his dreams should go, but of course, you can probably already guess that they do not exactly go the way he wants them too.  This movie is meant to be a comedy but it may not be a kid's movie for all ages.

Peeples contains some adult themes and the characters are in adult situations about relationships.  Grace is the daughter of a Federal judge and knows that he will pick Wayne apart.  This daddy's girl will not make a move without her father's approval.  Neither will many other people in that town for that matter.  Wayne must crack this case if he wants to gain Grace's hand in marriage.  So, he devises a plan…

Wayne's first big mistake was bringing a gift of a bottle of wine for Grace's mother and father.  He did not know that the mother was a recovering alcoholic.  Right off the bat, first impressions are less than ideal and Grace's father is not impressed.  It looks like things cannot get any worse, but of course, they can.

Among some of the antics, Wayne is caught trying on the mother's disco outfit from the 1970s and dancing around seductively.  You guessed it, Grace's father walks in and catches him.  On a family bicycle outing Wayne decides to race Grace's father.  He ends up causing a wreck and making a mess of things.

Wayne has just about had enough of Grace's father and he decides to join him on a camp out.  He confronts the father and informs them that he is going to marry Grace whether he likes it or not.  The father asks him to prove that he is a man by walking through the campfire.  Wayne ends up catching the tent on fire.

As one can guess, this comedy of errors continues. Peeples is an adult situation comedy about adult problems and conflicts.  Couples will be able to relate to the plot, because everyone has been in the position, but this movie is about what happens between couples before the kids come along.  As a kids movie, it may not be the best choice.  Many of the scenes take place drinking in a bar.  There is suggestive adult role-playing game between Wayne and Grace.

The theme of the Peeples movie is adult and is about adult relationships.  Save for one defiant guitar-playing teenager, there are not even any kid characters in the movie.  This movie was rated PG 13, but it was not intended to be a kid’s movie.  The entire plot centers on Wayne trying to impress Grace's father and getting up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage.  This parental guide to the movies gives Peeples a family friendly movie review thumbs down.

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