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Paranoia Family Movie Review

Paranoia Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some sexuality, violence and language

Drama, Thriller

Robert Luketic

Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford


Release Date/In Theaters

Paranoia Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

In the world of high stakes corporate espionage, it is easy to be caught in a life or death power struggle. Paranoia takes movie goers into this world of deception, greed, and deceit. It promises action packed thrills for fan of billionaires and dirty deals, but is might not be the best summer movie for kids. Even though the MPAA rated it PG-13, they might not be ready for this type of action just yet.

After growing up poor, Adam Cassidy has landed his dream job. He scored the corner office at a large multi-billion dollar corporation, but there is a high price to pay. He must play spy on his boss's mentor, and now arch rival, to try to help gain an advantage. Seduced by wealth and power, the young executive finds himself caught in the middle in a life and death game of corporate espionage. He quickly finds himself in over his head and it is too late to get out. He must play this game to the end.

It was rated a PG-13 for sexuality, bad language, and violence, but just how bad is it? This boy from the poor side of town must learn to walk and talk the part of his new role. He must learn to drink wine, so yes there is some drinking involved. He makes a comment to the top executive's daughter that he is trying to sleep his way to the top and asks if she is in. There is a spicy bedroom scene between those two. It does not show full nudity, but it comes very close with little left to the imagination.

There are guns, murders, fights, and chases. This movie has everything you would expect from a spy movie. It has thrills, action, and sexy women, which is exactly why it might not be the best choice for those under the age of 13. It has high tech spy equipment, fancy cars, and fast money. The FBI becomes involved with swat teams and raids. All of this adds up to a good action thriller, but not one that makes a good family movie for kids.

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