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Pacific Rim Movie Review

Pacific Rim Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some drug content and brief strong language.


Joshua Michael Stern

Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Matthew Modine, James Woods

Open Road Films

Release Date/In Theaters

Pacific Rim Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

            One day on planet Earth a dark menace rose from the depths of the Pacific Rim and threatened humanity's very existence. This may sound like the classic plot for a Godzilla movie, but it is not. Pacific Rim is a futuristic sci-fi that both delights and keeps you at the edge of your seat at the same time. As a sci-fi film goes, it is not as bad as others in the same genre in terms of family movie reviews, but it still may not be the best family movie for everyone.

            The plot begins when armies of monsters arise from the waters of the Pacific Rim. It seems that these creatures came from outer space, but have been on earth for a long time. The Kaiju began a war against humanity that will cause massive devastation for many years to come. The Kaiju are enormous creatures and very frightening. This is a dark film with scary things lurking around in the dark. To combat these monsters, humans developed huge robots called Jaegers. They are controlled by two pilots linked together in a type of mind-bridge. Even with humanity's best efforts, the Kaiju still seem to have the upper hand. Left with little choice, humanity turns to two unlikely heroes. One is a former fighter pilot and the other is an untested trainee. Together they stand against the Kaiju as humanity's last hope.

            This classic hero saga was rated PG-13 for the intensity of the action and frightening scenes. The monsters and the Jaegers are enormous. The film technique makes them look even bigger. There are many scenes of frightening monsters rising up to seemingly tower over the audience. The combat scenes are violent and intense with lots of loss of life, wounds, and general destruction. The massiveness of the destruction makes the villains seem unstoppable. There are some sexual references and the gratuitous scantily clad female on occasion. When battling menacing monsters it is normal for someone to let the usual obscenity slip. This movie was not as bad as some movies of this type, but the content is still there.

            This movie guarantees lots of explosions, shooting, and larger than life hand combat weaponry. This movie does not disappoint in terms of action. The movie is an excellent choice for science fiction fans, but is just too scary and violent for small children. If you decide to see this movie, pay special attention the special effects involving the giant waves. They are timed to create an operatic dance with the sound track. This movie has more to offer artistically than the average science fiction action adventure. It is an artistic feat, but not for the small and prone to nightmares members of the family.

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