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One Chance Family Movie Review

One Chance Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some language and sexual material

Biography | Comedy | Drama | Music

David Frankel

James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters

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One Chance Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Once Chance is a true life story about Paul Potts. He was a shy kid who was bullied a lot at school. When he went home at night he transformed into an amateur opera singer. One night, his luck changed when he won Britain's Got Talent. This parental guide to the movies thinks that this is movie that has a powerfully inspiring message.

This movie sends a powerful message about following your dreams and never giving up. It does contain some adult language and sexual material that involves healthy adult relationships, but that is not the focus of the movie. Paul had a dream and he never stopped chasing it until he achieved it.

This is an all-around inspiring movie about following your passions, no matter what tries to stop you. There are some bullying scenes that might be disturbing to some. Paul faces many setbacks, but he never lets that stop him. He kept going no matter how many people told him he could not do it and should give up. This movie lifts you up and then drops you from a cliff, only to pick you back up to try again, once more.  In one of the most heart wrenching scenes he is struck by a car and shatters his collar bone and breaks his ribs. In one of the most inspiring scenes, he continues to sing, even under these circumstances.

This movie makes you want to leave the theater and get started on pursuing your own dreams and passions. One Chance is like years of therapy and hundreds of self-help books all rolled into one. Paul is an inspiring character and will ignite the passions that lie inside of you too. This is one movie that should be seen by everyone, with a slight caution about some brief sexual content. This movie reminds us that we were put here for a purpose and that we have one chance to make something of it before we are gone. This movie is for the dreamers and anyone who has ever dreamed.

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